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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions by clients regarding pricing, availability, contracts & deposits, and other common questions. Take a moment to browse these questions and hopefully you will find the answers you are searching for. If you do not, please contact us through our email or phone 773.447.6673 and we will gladly return your inquiry.

*When was your company founded? Can I trust you to do the BEST job? 

Many people have not heard of You Got Lucki, Ent., because we only employ a select small group of DJ's to work for us!!! You Got Lucki, Ent. was founded in 2004 with the motto, "Guaranteeing clients with the BEST Quality and Service while providing AFFORDABLE entertainment!!!" I, DJ Lucki, have six years of DJ experience and I am PROMISING my staff will be there for your every need from the time we meet for the first time, to the time we say good-bye to you and your guests. 


*How does your service compare to a company with 10 years experience? 

First off, You Got Lucki, Ent. is clearly not the largest entertainment company, but I can definitely promise we provide the best entertainment value in the area. We do not worry about comparing ourselves to other companies, because we are unique in our own way!!! Secondly, just because our company does not have a “NAME” history does not mean our quality or service is any less than a company with 10 years. 


*What event types do you service? 

Our DJ’s have valuable experience with bar mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties, school dances, anniversaries, picnics, family reunions, fund raisers, conventions, retirement parties, holiday parties, and any other occasion you can think of!!!!  


*How much should I budget for my DJ? 

Budgeting for a DJ is like any other research project!!! If you were looking to receive a certain type of surgery…YOU WOULDN’T CUT CORNERS, you would (1) compare doctor’s references, (2) maybe contact the office to receive more information in detail, (3) meet them in person to see if there is a good vibe, (4) maybe speak to a previous client, (5) ask concerning questions, and etc. Budget for your DJ entertainment like you would anything else…the DJ holds 80% success of your event!!! Remember...your event is “one of a celebrity,” and if your DJ SUCKS…everyone will surely remember your event and DEFINITELY YOUR DJ!!!! 

*How extensive is your music library? 

The standard play list consists of over 7,000 titles that we offer for your event. I require that any requests not on the standard play list be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event. That gives our company enough time to research our library and make sure we have the appropriate music for your event.  I always ENCOURAGE the option of bringing music from your own collection (on CD, MP3 disc or iPod). 

*Can you hold my date for me?
Once the signed agreement and the deposit has been received, then your date will be removed from the calendar of open events.  

  *Do you carry liability insurance?
We do not carry liability insurance, just theft insurance.  If we did, our rates would be much higher.  If an event facility requires that we do, we can obtain temporary insurance for your event. If we break something, I, DJ Lucki, will offer to pay for it.  

*What is the booking process?

1. Contact the owner or co-owner, to go over the initial details of your event. 

2. Sign our contract to secure your date and pay a 20% deposit of your initial price. 

3. Fill out our planner form and leave the rest to us! (Weddings include a final consultation.)















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